Ned Dimitrov

Hello, my name is Ned Dimitrov. I am an Assistant Professor in the ORIE Program at The University of Texas at Austin.  My research is in network modeling and optimization with applications to disease control and security.  Specifically, my research deals with identifying valuable information for decision making.

Prior to joining UT, I worked for 4 years in Operations Research at the Naval Postgraduate School. Previously, I was a post-doc in the Operations Research Program at UT Austin. I graduated from the UT Computer Science department in May 2008.

My office is in ETC 5.118.  You may contact me through email using ned at austin dot utexas dot edu.

New Student Theses

2014-09-09 16:45:27

I recently posted five new student thesis in the Students section.  My first PhD student, Christian Klaus, graduated in 2014.  I was also fortunate enough to work with a set of wonderful master's students: Duncan Ellis, Liz Farrar, Trisha Cobb, and Chris Wood.

New Videos: Research and Operations Management Lectures

2013-08-26 10:48:12

I've posted a research talk by Christian Klaus, a Ph.D. student working with me in Operations Research at NPS.  His talk is on introducing warehouses into a stochastic logistic network to increase reliability.  I've also added a set of Operations Management Lecture Videos.  That is almost 30 hours of lectures on mathematical decision making in corporations, ranging from forecasting to inventory control and project management.

Selected Research Tags

recruiting, optimization, humanitarian, FMD, bicriteria optimization, group, regression, regret minimization, army, constrained MDP, column, resource allocation, book review, graphical model, sciopy, reliability, healthcare, stochastic model, approximation

Older News

New Set of Networks Projects

The Networks projects from the spring 2013 class are up.  We had a wide variety of interesting topics including drug interdiction, computer networks, and trip planning.  Many of the groups were also able to take advantage of the introduction of Python programming into the class, to push the.....


New Research Papers Posted

I just posted five or so recent publications.  Two highlights include a survey of interdiction models, co-authored with Dave Morton from UT Austin, and a paper in PLoS Computatoinal Biology on optimizing provider recruitment for influenza surveillance, co-authored with Samuel Scarpino and Lauren.....


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