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Healthcare Facility Locations in Bamyan, Afghanistan by Yong Kiong Teo

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Healthcare Facility Locations in Bamyan, Afghanistan by Yong Kiong Teo

Kiong completed his masters thesis at NPS in the winter of 2011.  His work concentrated on selecting good healthcare facility locations in Bamyan, Afghanistan.  The abstract of his thesis is as follows.

The facility location problem is one of the oldest and most researched operations research problems. In this thesis, we utilize facility location models to determine the optimal locations and types of medical facilities to address the healthcare needs of the people in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan. The staffing levels and materials of a local medical facility in Afghanistan are designed to cope with the healthcare needs of the people. In this thesis, the medical facilities are defined to be part of a network system. These facilities can be strategically located in order to provide essential healthcare services to the population. We investigate the location, operating cost, and accessibility of the existing and future healthcare facilities. We also look into the ethnicity problem that would affect the selection of operators for the medical facilities. Our model would lead to an increased understanding of the impact of healthcare facility locations and the selection of operators, thus developing a cost-effective system that would involve the shifting or upgrading of existing healthcare facilities.

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