Here I wanted to put a bit of information about me, not so much because I have something special to say, but more to satisfy the reader's curiosity. So, I will tell you a few of the things I feel passionate about.


My family seems to do related things. It probably is because both of my parents do math, and so we had a good mathematical education when we were children. They are all great people, and I would recommend getting in touch with them if you need to. Here is what they are up to now.

  • My wife, Tania, is a Research Coordinator at the Child and Family Research Institute at UT.
  • Boyan Dimitrov, my dad, is a Probability and Statistics professor in Kettering University, Flint, Michigan.
  • Stefanka Chukova, my mom, is an Operations Research professor in Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Lina Battestilli, my sister, has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and works for IBM Research in Raleigh, NC.
  • Milena Dimitrova, my sister, currently works for the IT department of Beaumont Hospitals.
  • Stanko Dimitrov, my brother, is a professor in the Department of Management Sciences in the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada.

Micro Loans

I like lending. Micro loans are an interesting idea, even though recently there has been a lot of buzz whether they actually help or hurt poor people (see NYT article, or this article about exhorbatent rates).  I regularly give loans using I usually put in $25 dollars per month and recycle any old loans paid back to me. In this way, I had given out over $3000. If you are curious about what businesses I have loaned to, you can visit my lender profile. If you have not heard of Kiva before, watch this Frontline World (by PBS) that explains how Kiva works. Showing you this Frontline actually meshes well with another one of my interests, watching Frontlines and documentaries in general.

Reading, Art, Education

I like to read. Recently, I have been reading mostly non-fiction, but I like literature as well. After much deliberation, I think my favorite book is Lord of the Flies. I have never seen language both so simple and so powerful. Sometimes, I try to identify my favorite passages from the books I read. As I identify the passages, I try to remove all words that seem unnecessary. Lord of the Flies has been the only book where I couldn't remove a word. I often discuss my latest read in great detail with the people I know, particularly with non-fiction books.

I like art. Much of my art related education came after I went to graduate school and decided it was time for me to sit in on all those classes I never took in undergrad. I sat in on art history classes, music history classes, and architecture classes. Also, a lot of my art related education comes form my friends and family. Tania, for example, did architecture in undergrad. So, I have learned a lot about design through her. I always try to go to the good art related talks and events on campus. They are a great resource.

I like learning. That is the major reason why I am in academia, but this motivation really permeates my life. For example, in addition to watching Frontlines, I am really into documentaries. Watching documentaries motivates me to work hard and educates me on many interesting things going on in science, design, literature, and philosophy.  Sometimes I feel that my motivation for learning is an odd mixture of curiosity and simple greed for knowing more things.

I like music. Over the years, I have made a number of friends who are aficionados of one genre or another, from classical Indian music to electronica. I have to say that much of my musical education comes from them. They are truly great people to talk to because they both have depth of knowledge and wide interests.

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