Interdiction Models

Through interdiction models, we infer the vulnerabilities inherent in an operational system.This chapter presents four applications of interdiction modeling: (i) to delay an adversary’sdevelopment of a first nuclear weapon; (ii) to understand vulnerabilities in an electric powersystem; (iii) to locate sensors in a municipal water network; and (iv) to secure a border againsta nuclear smuggler. In each case, we detail and interpret the mathematical model, and charac-terize insights gained from solving instances of the model. We point to special structures thatsometimes arise in interdiction models and the associated implications for analyses. From theseexamples, themes emerge on how one should model, and defend against, an intelligent adversary.


Nedialko B. Dimitrov and David P. Morton. Interdiction Models and Applications. in Handbook of Operations Research for Homeland Security, J.W. Hermmann (ed.), November 2012, doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-5278-2_4

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