Network Flows and Graphs (Fall 2012)

This website contains handouts, lecture notes, and other helpful material for the OA 4202 course, Network Flows and Graphs.

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Class Projects

We had a number of outstanding projects this quarter, both technically, and in terms of analysis. Below are all the class projects, in alphabetical order by topic.

Lecture Videos

View or download the entire class worth of lectures from the Networks lecture videos page.



  • Notes 1 -- Review big-Oh, data structures, graph terminology, storing graphs in a computer.
  • Notes 2 -- Intro to shortest path as an LP, graph search (BFS, DFS), applications of search.
  • Notes 3 -- Shortest path algorithms.
  • Notes 3.1 -- Overview of network models.
  • Notes 4 -- Interdicting shortest paths.
  • Notes 5 -- Maximum flow.
  • Notes 5.1 -- Interdicting max flow.
  • Notes 6 -- Minimum cost flow.
  • Nodes 7 -- Multi-commodity flow.
  • Notes 8 -- Constrained shortest path.
  • Notes 9 -- Network simplex algorithm.
This is a completed course

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