Disease Control System (DiCon)

This talk details some of the features of the Disease Control System (DiCon).  Developed at the University of Texas at Austin, along with Sebastian Goll and Lauren Ancel Meyers, DiCon is a community of packages targeted towards computing disease control strategies.  The main package is an optimization system that is scalable to super-computers and runs on stand-alone machines.  The optimization package can use multiple optimization algorithms to explore a user-defined intervention strategy space with the goal of finding the optimal disease control strategy.  The user can provide an arbitrary disease simulator to evaluate the intervention strategies.  DiCon also comes with some ready-made simulators, to help users create the models they require.  Finally, DiCon will be accompanied with a visualization package, to help detail the disease progression as given by the user provided simulator.  DiCon's features are described in greater detail in this talk.


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